Association Scoprendo l’Italia

The Tourist, Cultural, Sport Association, “Scoprendo l’Italia”, was conceived with the intention to introduce this wonderful nation to the Most Excellent Diplomatic Corps credited to the Holy See, to all its Diplomatic Representatives that they might reach from their nation with their respective families and these remain for a sufficient period to discover the truly authentic side of Italy, kept hidden and secret from the great international tourist circuits.
A small contribution dedicated with affection and admiration to this nation’s that it boasts an unequalled artistic patrimony to the world, able to astonish every person with thousands of various touristic, cultural and sporting proposals.
Italy exists not only as a cradle of art in the world, but also as a nation of a great religious tradition, with its people enthusiastically paying homage to local Patron Saint.
This religious backdrop exists while the numerous localities struggle with ancient parochial jealously horded down from father to son throughout the seemingly infinite generations.
Foreign visitors are consistently accommodated with joy as the various local populations willingly display their ability to transform their own problems in to exhilarating comedies. It is this knowledge of the art of creativity that the Italian people sew into the fabric of their lives, making every occasion dramatically entertaining.
A website dedicated with love to the yearning of Italians to help Ambassadors of several nations credited to the Holy See, grow and enrich their appreciation of this glorious nation, stirring in one harmonious composition the best of Italy’s excellence in art, history, culture, music, cuisine, entrepreneurial and artisan.

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